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An Inverted Yield Curve Did Not Always Precede Recessions

I made a post before how an inversion of the yield curve has preceded the last 8 recessions in the US. Recently, I came across this interesting chart on Twitter which shows the yield curve spread for US treasuries with a maturity of 3 month and 10 year from the last 100 years.

This chart shows that yield curve inversions didn’t happen between the 1930’s and 1960’s before a recession happend.

Long Term Yield Curve Inversion Chart
Long Term Yield Curve Inversion Chart

Currently the US 3 month – 10 year yield curve is inverted.

Yield Curve Inversion 3 month - 10 year spread
Yield Curve Inversion 3 month – 10 year spread

Does The Inversion Of The Yield Curve Signal a Recession?

An inverted yield curve is one of the few indicators that before have always correctly signalled an upcoming recession. An inverted yield curve happens when the yield on 10 year treasuries is below the yield on 2 year treasuries (sometimes called the “2s10s”). The 2-10 year yield curve is the most common people view. Currently the 2-10 year yield curve is positive after it turned negative for the first time since 2007 at the end of August.

Yield Curve Inversion
Yield Curve Inversion

In the past a negative yield curve has always signalled that a recession could happen in the next 1 to 2 years. Note from the chart below that the curve can be at or below zero for a long period before a recession happens. Furthermore from the chart it looks like a rapidly steeping yield curve signals a recession is close.

Yield curve inversion long term chart
Long term chart of the yield curve

The question arises will an inverted yield curve signal a recession this time? A big difference in my opinion with other times is that this time the yield curve is watched by a lot of participants in the market and so a lot of stories are published about it.

Stories mentioning "yield curve"
Stories mentioning “yield curve”

From the mainstream media such as Drudge Report.

Drudge report yield curve inversion recession
Screenshot of the frontpage of Drudge Report on August 14, 2019

To the president of The United States who even talks about a “crazy” inverted yield curve.

Donald Trump President of The United States Tweets on the Yield Curve Inversion
Tweets from the president of the United States Donald Trump mentioning the yield curve inversion

And even members of the Federal Reserve such as Atlanta Federal Reserve President Bostic (picture below) and Neel Kashkari (in a post on Medium here) the President of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve are openly talking about the inversion of the yield curve and what it means for the economy.

Federal Reserve Bostic Yield Curve Inversion
Headlines from Fed’s Bostic on May 16, 2018

It remains to be seen whether the signal works this time.